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Welcome to the Rockledge Little League Umpire Homepage. 
Here you will find information relating to the volunteer umpire program for Rockledge Little League, including the latest schedule of games and umpire assignments for the Spring 2017 Season.

Player Umpires - Earn Community Service Hours for School

If you're one of our major and junior players, consider helping out as a umpire to earn community service hours that you may need for your school.  You  can earn up to 3 hours per game.  Contact  the Chief Umpire, to get started. 

Growing our team of volunteers

We’re always looking to grow our team of volunteer umpires, so if you have any interest in umpiring in the league, do not hesitate to get involved.  

Also, whether you’re a beginner and just want to umpire on the bases, or if you can only afford to do a game or two here and there, don’t hesitate to get involved.  Help is always needed and it’s a great way to help make the league a better experience for the kids.  We will be scheduling several clinics to get everyone started and refresh our skills for those who have umpired before.

Chief Umpire
Rockledge Little League

Training Materials

Training package used at the Rockledge LL Umpire Clinic

Fair - Foul Quiz

Common baseball rule myths

Little League Training Videos
The following videos are available on the Little League Online Umpire webpages and are made available here for convenience.

Obstruction with No Play Being Made on Obstructed Runner(Delayed Dead Ball):

Obstruction with Play Being Made on Obstructed Runner (Immediate Dead Ball)

Interference by the Plate Umpire

Interference by the Base Umpire

Offensive Interference

Infield Fly

Called Strike on Batter Hit By the Ball

Foul Tip

Illegally Batted Ball

Must Slide or Go Around

Overrunning First

Additional Training Videos
Additional videos and training material are available for loan, including:
-  "See a Balk - Call a Balk"
-  "Baseball Rules Made Easy"
-  "Behind the Plate with John McSherry"
-  "Diamond Mechanics Duo (60' and 90' Mechanics)"

Let me know if you'd like to check these out.

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